Modus Operandi / Afloat

Single-channel video, 2016, 8:19

Life afloat in the South China Sea. This video was shot on the embankment of Shenzhen, one of the most technologically advanced cities around the world and the center of China's electronics industry. In this point, the new digital world meets the old one. It seems as if time stood still there: unhurried travels with all belonging, routine life afloat, old-time houseboats and their inhabitants with mobile phones and everything necessary for living in electronic reality.

From the series “Modus Operandi”. “Modus Operandi”  is a Latin fraise used to describe a method of operating and people’s behavioral patterns. It is not always possible for an outside observer to grasp the logic of others’ behavior. Their actions assume the nature of the mysterious ambiguity that is open  for any interpretation.

Music Paolo Ricci “Il risveglio, la danza, il grido”.

Clarinet Angelo Teora.